Maria Van Olphen- Presidential Director

With Reliv products, we help change people’s lives. I really followed the ICSAR steps and incorporated it with Facebook marketing. I get to target my audience, share videos, share stories and after they become customers and get results from the products, they then want to become Distributors to save money as they get a discount or to do the business themselves. It works for me because I am showing others how to work the business and how to take the product.

What I did differently this year to achieve the President’s Team is goal setting. I started right away when the qualifications came out and wanted to achieve it and check that off my list. I didn’t procrastinate although knowing there was time to achieve it. I got to work right away and am teaching my downline to do the same. I am also setting my sights on higher rank advancements while having fun!

Maria Van Olphen