Lorena Acojedo & Wil Widmeyer - Presidential Directors

Last 2016, Wil and I were looking for an investment that we can do together. The Reliv business stood out among other options! It offers an opportunity to earn from five avenues of income, including cash bonuses and free trips. Best of all, it offers an opportunity to help people change their lives for the better! My passion has always been being a blessing to others. Through Reliv, I am able to do so by teaching my downlines to share nutritional products that work and earn sustainable income. Reliv is truly a great business on the go. I can do it anytime, anywhere and the best part is that it has been able to sustain my business’ monthly overhead, as well as pay my living expenses. In the seven months that I have been doing the Reliv business full time my income has been greater than what I had earned from all the jobs I had before. Because of Reliv, I have found something I love doing and I am on track to financial freedom and a happy healthy life. Reliv is indeed a business for keeps!

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