Evelyn & Robert Uy - Bronze Ambassadors

We started our Reliv business more than a decade ago and we remain unstoppable in sharing the limitless opportunities that we have found in the company. We seize every chance to share stories with new people and pass on our excitement about the company. At the airport, bus terminal, gym, office, school, marketplace, and anywhere we go, we make sure to talk about Reliv. The rewards in building our business have helped us send more than a handful of our nieces and nephews to school, spend for our family vacations out of town and buy our dream car.  Reliv has also given us unforgettable memories during our free trips to various beautiful places in the country and abroad. Most direct selling companies just come and go. But Reliv has remained strong, stable and has been keeping its commitment to nourish our world and help people like us realize our dreams.  This is what keeps us going every day!

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