Dory & Steve Hey - Ambassadors 

We found Reliv and gave it a try in 2001. We had wonderful results with the products and decided to share our experience with other people. It didn’t take us long to achieve initial success in this business because Reliv products work and the business is doable. At first, we made earnings just enough to cover our personal consumption. When we moved to the Philippines in 2007 and started focusing on building the business everything fell into place. We continued to gain new customers and signed up new people into Reliv. Our checks grew by leaps and bounds and we kept advancing ranks. In 2014, we reached the Ambassador level and became more fired up to move to the next level of Reliv success. We intend to broaden our organization of customers and business-builders because it would mean we will be able to reach out to more prospects. With Reliv, we would make our dreams come true by helping people reach theirs.

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